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QS5 version 1.0.3 introduces a number of significant improvements which puts QS5 as one of the very best on-line Survey Tools available.

QS5 has an easy to use management interface which allows the survey designer to construct visually appealing surveys.

Using the in-built logic the survey can be constructed to ask only the relevant questions and include personalisation features making it engaging for the respondent to complete.

QS5 has been used for:

  • Opinion Polling
  • Market Research
  • Academic Research
  • Business Performance Measurement
  • Online Enquiry / Feed back
  • Data collections

QS5 can be used by a casual user to create, publish and manage a basic survey to gather basic information. But for Professional Users, it also has the features to create complex surveys which can be used to gather data for academic research.

Below is a summary of the key features of QS5.

Question Styles

The following Question Styles are available

  • Single Line Text
  • Multiple Line Text
  • Number
  • List – Single Select
  • List – Multiple Select
  • Grid Question (combination of fields)
    •  Text (short or long)
    •  Email
    •  Phone number
    •  Number
    •  Drop Down List
  •  Rate on Single Subject
  •  Rate Grid for rating multiple subjects
  •  Number Grid
  •  Scale   Number with Slider Bar Presentation
  •  Scale with Classification.  Number input with Slider Bar translating to Classification.
  •  NPS Scoring
  •  Information
  •  End of Survey


Additional Information

QS5 allows the designer to include the option for the respondents to provide additional information on any question or option.

Help and Assistance

QS5 allows the designer to add Help and assistance throughout the survey.  This can be added as

•    Survey Welcome Text at the start

•    INFO questions can be placed at any point throughput the survey

•    Each Question can have a Help Text which is presented as a tooltip

•    Each Option of list type questions can have a help tooltip.

•    The designer can also add additional text as “Lead on Text” when a choice is selected in a List type Question.


QS5 comes with routing after each question, this means that with a little effort the designer can help the respondent navigate to the questions that apply to them.


QS5 Allows the designer to include branding prompts throughout the survey. The user can define a colour pallet for the survey, define a header image for the entire survey and add additional images at the Question and Question Choice levels.

Quota Management

QS5 allows the designer to set Quotas for each/any option of a question.  The professionals use this technique to ensure that they can compare opinions across category groups. The Designer can set the quota that is required and the question the respondent should be directed to if that selection is made, and the quota is filled.

Default Data

QS5 includes a ‘memory' store which stores the answers to previous questions which can be used when presenting subsequent questions.

Default Data can also be setup prior to starting the survey in two ways:

  • PIPING – When inviting a person to take part in a survey the link to the survey can include data to be included in the memory store.
  • PANEL  Data. QS5 allows the organisation to setup a User Panel (a group of people who have volunteered to provide opinions) and the create a survey to gather personal information to be stored as panel data. This data can then be used when a panel member is invited to take part in a survey.  

Default Data can be used in two ways.


This memory store can be used to personalise the questions.  By including TAGS in the question details the question can be personalised
Eg .  
 Q1.   What is your name?   

Q2.  Mary, we would now like to ask you a couple of personal question.


Pre-Answer Questions.

Pre answering questions is a default function. So, when the respondent wants to go BACK a question their previous answer is shown.

QS5 allows a question to be hidden or optionally hidden. Optionally hidden indicates that if there is an answer (from the memory) for the question the system continues, otherwise the question is shown.  

When a survey is being run as a panel based survey, it is often the case where the segmentation data required can be defaulted from the panel data, so most respondents would only be asked the key questions of the survey.
The Pre-Answered Question feature also means that if the designer wants to collect a range of information at the start, the survey can then utilise that data in a Hidden Question which can control logic to rout the respondent to the next section of the survey.

Survey Management

QS5 recognises that the person dealing with the data from the survey may be different to the person responsible for designing and building the survey.
QS5 allows for a number of different scenarios.

•    Standard Poll or Customer Survey. Here we are expecting to collect the information for analysis.

•    On-line Enquiry, Customer Feedback, Data Collection. Here we are expecting some actions to occur, so the system can be setup to send the Data Manager an email on completion of each response.


QS5 comes complete with an on-line analysis feature.

QS5 allows the data manger to create new analysis periods and responses are assigned to the period that is active at the point of completion of the survey.

The Survey Analysis looks at the responses for one or more of these periods and prepares graphs and analysis for each question.

The data manager is able to drill down into the details and segment the analysis by filtering the results.

Account Management

QS5 has been designed to allow a single business to have a common set of users, images, panels and panel members, and colour palettes but create different Accounts for cost management purposes.



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