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JS5 Accounting


The JS5 database was designed with full operational accounting functionality in mind.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Recievable and an integrated Banking System are all inherently available to all our clients.

The basic structure allows for a Client to have multple Debtor Accounts and for multiple suppliers to point to one Creditor Account.

The basics of the Purchasing system is that Orders are created and approved by the business managers allowing Purchase Invoices to be loaded and approved for payment by the accounts staff.

In the Sales Area, the system can provide a significant level of control depending on the type of business and your accounting rules.

  • If your business is a product sales type of business we can generate the sales based on the revenue account of the product.
  • If your business is  a service type business we can set up rules around the different services which are then related to your client Contract. These rules, control the type of charges that can be raised for a client and how those charges are accounted for.
  • If your business is a 'risk-based' service based business we can use the same rules structure to on-charge specific expenses from the Accounts Payable system.

A feature common across all accounting transactions is the abililty to store the pdf copy of the document. The system is able to recall this document for review from any location where it may be required. Of obvious benefit is the GST report feature, the bank Payment Schedule, and the GL account transaction.


Over and above this, if you have an asset/project based accounting requirement, we can track all related transactions and build views on these transactions to provide P/L accounts by asset / project.

Cloud Solutions

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    Informative Website

    Create a more in-depth, dynamic website, delivering engaging content

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    With real-time updating and constant minimum level monitoring, you can take control of your stock - managing minimum stock costs while having what you need when you need it.

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    Event Management

    Event Management is a complex multi-level business with many components including Web Site promotion, e-commerce ticketing and registration, Guest Management and ticketing and on-the-day information.

    Check out what we have produced for ALL Blacks Hospitality

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    Building an intranet site allows you to securely share confidential content

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