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Welcome to JETPAC: The Ultimate in Content Management

Discover JETPAC, your all-encompassing digital solution designed to streamline and elevate your online presence like never before.

At JETPAC, we redefine the scope of content management by integrating all aspects of your digital footprint into one seamless environment. Gone are the days of managing disparate platforms for your website, intranet, marketing emails, and social media posts. With JETPAC, everything is consolidated into a single, intuitive interface.

But we don't stop there. By leveraging direct access to your business database, JETPAC empowers you to incorporate essential commercial data such as prices, stock levels, and availability. This enables intelligent e-commerce functionality, personalized client portals, and efficient intranet solutions, driving unparalleled business efficiencies.

As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, the demand for robust online solutions continues to surge. Whether it's expanding your e-commerce presence, enhancing communication with clients, suppliers, and employees, or facilitating remote work, JETPAC offers tailored cloud solutions to meet your evolving needs.

The key to our reliability and efficiency lies in centralizing all your business data. With JETPAC, every front-end solution accesses the same core data in real-time, ensuring consistency and coherence across all interactions.

Experience the power of unified digital management with JETPAC. Elevate your online presence, streamline operations, and unlock new possibilities for your business today.

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Tried and Tested Software

The JETPAC system is brought to you by JET-IT Limited, we have a long history of delivering stable, reliable systems to a wide variety of businesses.

JETPACs CRM/ ERP solution JetStream (JS5) was founded on a business model developed over 20 years ago. It has been used in Finance, Asset Management, Leasing, Manufacturing and Service industires

CK5 is a true Content Management System, where users can create Content and then publish it to any of a number of channels including Web, Email, Intranet or e-commerce store.

QS5 is a dynamic on-line Survey / Data collection system.

Most Solutions can be covered with these basic system and where additional functionality is required, we can easily pug-in additional features.

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