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Welcome to JETPAC the most complete digital solution currently available.

JETPAC is a comprehensive integrated environment which allows you to build and manage your entire digital presence in one place. The fundamental concept of JETPAC is that Content Management is not limited to the management of your public web site. We use the same logic and processes to manage your Intranet, your Marketing Emails and even your social media posts.

In addition, when we have direct access to you Business Database, we can also include your commercial data (prices, stock levels, availability) to create smart e-Commerce functionality, Client Portals and Intranet solutions delivering tremendous business efficiencies.

As we all move out from under the cloud of COVID, we are all looking to do more on-line, whether its e-commerce, connecting with our clients, suppliers and employees or working from home our cloud solutions will become more important to everyone. With JETPAC you have a leading supplier of integrated cloud solutions, tailored to your specific requirments.

The secret to doing this reliably and efficiently is to have a single location for all your business data. This means that whatever front end solution your audience is looking at, everyone is looking at the same basic data, and everyone is looking and interacting with you using the same real-time data.

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10 Reasons you should choose JETPAC

Tried and Tested Software

The JETPAC system is brought to you by JET-IT Limited, we have a long history of delivering stable, reliable systems to a wide variety of businesses.

JETPACs CRM/ ERP solution JetStream (JS5) was founded on a business model developed over 20 years ago. It has been used in Finance, Asset Management, Leasing, Manufacturing and Service industires

CK5 is a true Content Management System, where users can create Content and then publish it to any of a number of channels including Web, Email, Intranet or e-commerce store.

QS5 is a dynamic on-line Survey / Data collection system.

Most Solutions can be covered with these basic system and where additional functionality is required, we can easily pug-in additional features.

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